The reaction among the United States’ strongest allies in Asia — Japan and South Korea — was more severe, however, as local stock markets plunged.

As news of Donald Trump’s shocking presidential win was reverberating around the world Wednesday, media coverage in China was oddly scant — and not by accident.

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Time For Truth: (Hollywood Reporter) – China Responds to U.S. Election With Heavy Censorship, Light Schadenfreude

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Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday said Moscow is ready to contribute to rebuilding relations with the United States with Donald Trump as president.

“We have heard the pre-election statements by then-candidate (Trump), which were directed at rebuilding relations between Russia and the US,” Putin said during a speech before several ambassadors in the Kremlin.

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Time For Truth: (Yahoo News) – Russia 'ready to do its part' to rebuild US ties with Trump: Putin

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A veteran and trusted Hillary Clinton adviser ripped the Democratic presidential nominee after seeing transcripts of post-State Department speeches Clinton gave discussing Wall Street, ObamaCare and Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to emails released by WikiLeaks.

Mandy Grunwald, an adviser to Clinton’s current White House bid, offered a particularly frank assessment on Jan. 23 after seeing the text of three speeches given to Goldman Sachs in 2013.

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Time For Truth: (Fox News) – Top adviser on Clinton Wall Street speeches: 'It's pretty bad'

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Relations between Moscow and Washington are on a precipitous decline, as Russia attempts to assert itself as a resurgent world power in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

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Time For Truth: (The Jerusalem Post) – US and Russia in dangerous spiral

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Commenting on US Vice President Joe Biden’s statement on the possibility of cyberattacks against Russia, Vladimir Putin said it’s the first time that Washington has admitted involvement in such actions.

Putin noted that US threats of hack attacks do not correspond to the norms of international relations.

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Time For Truth: (Russia Today) – Putin on Biden cyberthreat: First time US admits such thing on highest level

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