The antelope looked exactly like a cartoon deer. It had rust-coloured fur, white spots on its hindquarters and an oddly regal bearing. Its throat had been slit, and it had just been dumped, rather unceremoniously, on the hard-packed black earth of the burning area at Atwemonom, the open-air abattoir at the centre of Ghana’s commercial bushmeat trade.

The antelope – a female bushbuck – arrived at dawn in a white plastic sack out of a rickety van. It was delivered along with 15 grasscutters (greater cane rats, which look like large guinea pigs and are about a foot long), eight giant rats and two hares. The market woman supervising the delivery had the butchers count everything twice.

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Tony Blair advised an African president on how to win over public support in the aftermath of clashes in which opposition protesters were shot dead by security forces.

Mr Blair’s guidance is contained in a four-page communications strategy document drawn up for Alpha Conde, the president of Guinea.

The document seen by The Telegraph offers a guide to Mr Conde on how to improve his government’s image following mass civil unrest in February and March 2013. Nine protesters died and hundreds were injured in clashes with government forces who were accused of quelling public unrest by firing on demonstrators with live ammunition.

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The world is “dangerously unprepared” for future deadly pandemics like the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the president of the World Bank has warned.

Jim Yong Kim, speaking in Washington, said it was vital that governments, corporations, aid agencies and insurance companies worked together to prepare for future outbreaks.

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Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates says the world must use the lessons from battling Ebola to prepare for any future “war” against a global killer disease, with the help of new technology.

Gates, in Berlin for a donor conference of the GAVI alliance bringing vaccines to poor countries, said the risk of a worldwide pandemic meant it was reckless not to act now.

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