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A whistleblower at Viacom is accusing the media giant of running an international shell game by attempting to move licensing rights to “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” to the Netherlands in order to save “millions” on taxes, a new lawsuit charges.

Former VP of finance Nataki Williams says she was canned after seven years on the job in retaliation for speaking out against the “illegal” tax-avoidance scheme, according to her suit filed Tuesday in Manhattan federal court.

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BRUSSELS (AP) — Almost one in 20 people in northern Belgium died using euthanasia in 2013, more than doubling the numbers in six years, a study released Tuesday showed.

The universities of Ghent and Brussels found that since euthanasia was legalized in 2002, the acceptance of ending a life at the patient’s request has greatly increased. While a 2007 survey showed only 1.9 percent of deaths from euthanasia in the region, the figure was 4.6 percent in 2013.

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TEL AVIV/FRANKFURT, March 12 (Reuters) – Two years after scientists cooked up the first test tube beef hamburger, researchers in Israel are working on an even trickier recipe: the world’s first lab-grown chicken.

Professor Amit Gefen, a bioengineer at Tel Aviv University, has begun a year-long feasibility study into manufacturing chicken in a lab, funded by a non-profit group called the Modern Agriculture Foundation which hopes “cultured meat” will one day replace the raising of animals for slaughter.

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With a spectacular trailer that looks like something straight out of Final Fantasy, an air show using nothing but drones fitted with the equipage for a spectacular dance of light has been announced.

The world-first show is called Air, and will be held at the Amsterdam Arena at a date that is yet to be announced. Organised by Dutch event planning company Fjuze in collaboration with the Royal Netherlands Air Force, the show itself is also something of a mystery, although the Air website drops a few tantalising details.

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The Authority for Consumers and Markets in the Netherlands has imposed fines on KPN and Vodafone — the country’s two largest operators —for violating net neutrality rules.
KPN has been hit with a €250,000 penalty, while rival Vodafone is worse off by €200,000, following the ruling.

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