The UN General Assembly session opened on September 15. This year the organisation celebrates its 70th birthday but how has the UN had an impact on the world’s conflicts?

United Nations peacekeeping operations began in 1948 and the light blue helmets and berets have been deployed to many of the world’s trouble spot from Papua New Guinea to Haiti ever since, with varying levels of effectiveness.

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Dozens are reported to have been injured in demonstrations that began in Tuzla and have spread to 20 towns and cities

Thousands of Bosnian protesters took to the streets in the centre of Sarajevo on Friday, setting fire to the presidency building and hurling rocks and stones at police as fury at the country’s political and economic stagnation spread rapidly around the country.

As many as 100 people were injured in protests that took place in about 20 towns and cities. Government buildings were set on fire in three of the largest centres – Sarajevo, Tuzla and Zenica. 

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