In a crushing blow to the White House, the Supreme Court announced Thursday it was evenly divided in a case concerning President Barack Obama’s controversial executive actions on immigration.

The one-sentence ruling, issued without comment or dissent, means that the programs will remain blocked from going into effect, and the issue will return to the lower court. It is exceedingly unlikely the programs will go into effect for the remainder of the Obama presidency.

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Baltimore officially has had 200 homicide victims in 2016 after an autopsy confirmed a 42-year-old man found dead Friday just west of downtown had been fatally stabbed.

The victim, identified Monday as Franswhaun Smith, was found Friday about 7:50 a.m. in the 700 block of Murphy Lane, in the Heritage Crossing neighborhood that was formerly the site of the Murphy Homes public housing development.

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The controversial burkini ban has been overturned by France’s highest administrative court although one mayor insists he will ignore the ruling.

In a ruling, the court said the ban on the full-body burkini swimsuits were ‘seriously, and clearly illegal’.

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Time For Truth: (10 News) – Top French court overturns Burkini ban saying 'you can't tell women what to wear' - but one mayor declares he will ignore the ruling

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The Israeli government has reacted angrily to plans by the Gulf state of Qatar to support a group backed by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn which wants to impose a global trade and cultural boycott on the Jewish state.

Qatar has emerged as the main financial backer of a conference to review the aims of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign which opens in Tunis on Thursday.

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At least 25 CEOs earned more than their companies paid in income taxes in 2010, according to a new report from the Institute for Policy Studies. Exclusive to The Atlantic, the authors explain their findings and why they matter.

This month, 40,000 Verizon strikers went back to work without a new contract. But their strike hit a nerve. Most Americans cannot understand why Verizon workers should have to spend up to $3,000 more for their family’s health care while the company’s top five execs have walked off with a quarter-billion dollars in personal pay over the past four years.

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