When Save the Children chose to bestow the Global Legacy Award on Tony Blair, the charity inadvertently revealed the dark underbelly of NGO activity.

When Tony Blair received the Global Legacy Award last week from Save the Children, an organization dedicated to “transforming children’s lives,” it seemed like a bad joke to many people. This, after all, was a man who had been willing to use fabricated evidence to launch an illegal war against Iraq during his time as Britain’s Prime Minister, a conflict that irrevocably “transformed” the lives of thousands of children by killing them. These days Blair is advising the new military regime in Egypt and doing a sideline in Saudi oil kickbacks. We don’t hear too much about children in either of those countries, but I’m willing to bet that living under military or aristocratic dictatorship isn’t too good for the little mites, especially when, as is the case with Saudi Arabia, child marriage is nothing unusual.

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A UC Davis economics professor has determined there is no American Dream.

Gregory Clark is sharing his research as a hard truth with no hope—whether or not you can get ahead in America is as predictable as any formula.

In fact, he says, the formulas for social mobility in the United States show there’s nothing to dream about.

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Electronic cigarettes contain up to 10 times more cancer-causing substances than regular tobacco, according to the latest study by Japanese scientists.

A team of researchers from the Japanese Health Ministry examined the vapor, finding carcinogens like formaldehyde and acetaldehyde. The former was found in quantities exceeding traditional cigarettes by 10 times.

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A food company from Denmark has been supplying food to hospitals after preparing it in a cement mixer. The discovery was made by the country’s food watchdog who said the levels of hygiene at their production facility were “abysmal.”

The Danish Food and Veterinary Administration (Fodevarestyrelsen) found that the food company, Nordic Ingredients, grossly violated hygiene rules when they used a cement mixer to produce soft foods. The products were delivered to hospitals and nursing homes for patients who had trouble swallowing regular food stuffs, The Local reported.

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