The next invasion of the robots may be in the construction industry, when Hadrian X, a robot named after Roman emperor Hadrian (of Hadrian’s Wall fame), may soon laying bricks far faster and more cheaply than any human can.

Once commercially available, this amazing robot will be capable of laying approximately 1,000 bricks per hour, which means that it could build the entire shell of a building in just two days, rather than four to six weeks of hard labor needed for a human crew to complete the same task.

Hadrian X is the second iteration of the house-building robot from Australia-based Fastbrick Robotics Ltd. FBR, -20.00% that could disrupt the $1.3 trillion global construction market and slash the cost of construction. The first one, a “technology demonstrator” called Hadrian 105, could provide an output of “only” 225 bricks per hour, so its successor would represent a substantial upgrade.

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