Those who have been tracking the life of Aidin—the Thai baby buried alive–will be happy to know that timely help and medical attention nursed this newborn back to life. He lived in an orphanage for some time. Now, a Swedish couple has adopted Aidin and he is set to join them in a bid to start a brand new chapter in his life.

An article in Australian Women’s Weekly states that Aidin was buried face down in a shallow grave, after his own mother stabbed him 14 times. Aiden’s ordeal took place in February, only a few days after his birth in Wangyai district, which is a part of Khon Kaen province in Thailand. The boy was placed alive in his 20cm hole in the ground and left for dead.

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Time For Truth: (ITV) – Thai Baby Stabbed 14 Times & Buried Alive Is Adopted By Swedish Parents

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