With the media gripped by accusatory speculation regarding the identity of the source behind the Wikileaks leak of hacked Podesta and DNC emails, much of it focused on Russia, a new theory has emerged from Craig Murray, the former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, who tells Sputnik (a Russian media outlet) that the source of the leaks are not Russian hackers but a Washington insider.

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Time For Truth: (Zero Hedge) – Former British Ambassador Claims Source Of Podesta Leaks "Comes From Within Washington"

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American and British spy agencies have tried to intercept data from passengers’ mobile phones on commercial airlines including Air France, media reports say, citing documents from US whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The French flag-carrier was an early target of the US National Security Agency and its British counterpart GCHQ as it was seen as a terrorist mark and it carried out tests in 2007 on allowing the use of mobile phones on its aircraft.

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Time For Truth: (Yahoo News) – US, UK spies targeted airline passengers' mobiles: report

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Edward Snowden has dismissed a report by the House of Representatives intelligence committee that heavily criticised his activities.

It rejected his view of himself as a whistleblower, and said he was a disgruntled employee whose actions did nothing more than help US enemies.

The report comes a day after two rights groups launched a campaign for President Obama to pardon Mr Snowden.
The White House has rejected the possibility of a presidential pardon.

The release of the report, two years in the making, also coincides with that of the film “Snowden”, directed by Oliver Stone.

In a series of tweets, Mr Snowden dismissed the report’s findings, writing: “Their report is so artlessly distorted that it would be amusing if it weren’t such a serious act of bad faith.”

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Time For Truth: (BBC News) – Edward Snowden hits out at critical report into his activities

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“Obama has managed to put together the most intensive surveillance state in the history of the world,” the ‘Snowden’ director told THR while discussing his film at the Toronto Film Festival. “This is pretty frightening when you think about the implications.”

Oliver Stone warned against the dangers of global surveillance in a sit-down with The Hollywood Reporter at the Toronto Film Festival.

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Time For Truth: (Hollywood Reporter) – Oliver Stone: Unhappy with Obama and Says Surveillance "In the Hands of the Wrong President, It's Very Dangerous"

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Over a year before Edward Snowden shocked the world in the summer of 2013 with revelations that have since changed everything from domestic to foreign US policy but most of all, provided everyone a glimpse into just what the NSA truly does on a daily basis, a former NSA staffer, and now famous whistleblower, William Binney, gave excruciating detail to Wired magazine about all that Snowden would substantiate the following summer.

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