The Arkansas Department of Health is investigating a mumps outbreak that may have infected hundreds of people.

A total of 427 suspected cases of mumps are being investigated in the state, with the majority of them children, the department reported on Friday.

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Time For Truth: (ABC News) – Arkansas Investigates Mumps Outbreak With More Than 400 Possible Cases

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Doctors battling to combat cancer have hailed a revolutionary ­treatment that teaches the body how to kill the disease itself.

Trials of immunotherapy showed remarkable results with 94% of terminal leukaemia patients told they had just months to live going into remission.

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Unless you live in a cave and have NO access to television or the internet, you’ve likely been exposed to the Measles Mania that has swept America.

Facebook, Twitter, online news site comment sections…everywhere you look, people are launching into hysterical tirades and internet battles about vaccines, “evil anti-vaxxers”, and fear-mongering.

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Parents who don’t immunize their kids will stop receiving childcare benefits next year in Australia. Only people with solid medical reasons will be exempt from the crackdown.
The new “no jab, no pay” rules are expected to save more than AUS$500 million (US$350 million) over four years.

The changes take effect on January 1, 2016 after legislation passed the Senate on Monday, with the backing of Labor, the Greens and crossbench senators.

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