Thousands have protested in Istanbul in Turkey against a bill that would let off men who assaulted underage girls if they marry their victims.

The government insists the legislation is aimed at dealing with the widespread custom of child marriage, but critics say that it will legitimise child rape.

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Time For Truth: (BBC News) – Turkey: Thousands protest against proposed child sex law

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Anthony Weiner shared his lust for underage girls during a series of raunchy sexting sessions with a woman who could pass for a teen, she told The Post on Friday.

“I told him I was 30 to 31 years old, but he didn’t want to hear that — he said I looked like a little girl and that turned him on,” the woman said.

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Time For Truth: (New York Post) – Woman claims sexting sessions prove Weiner’s lust for underage girls

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Some 1,475 minor refugees, mostly girls, have arrived in Germany already married, the majority of whom come from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq, an official report cited by German media says. Almost one in four are reportedly less than 14 years old.

The numbers from the government migration office were released in the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (WAZ) newspaper on Friday.

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Time For Truth: (Russia Today) – Almost 1,500 underage refugees arrived in Germany married, one fourth 14yo – report

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TERRY Martin showed no sign of emotion and refused all requests for comment as he walked free from the Supreme Court in Hobart this afternoon after he was found guilty of having sex with a 12-year-old girl.

In a surprise move Justice David Porter chose not to jail the former MP and long-serving Glenorchy mayor instead handing him a 10-month suspended sentence back-dated to November 22 when he was taken into custody.

Martin was last week found guilty of having underage sex – with a 12-year-old girl prostituted by her mother and mother’s friend – in September, 2009.

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A former teacher and his girlfriend who streamed depraved sex sessions with an underage girl live on the internet have been cleared of pornography thanks to a legal loophole.

William Hanna, 65, and Dianne Whitehouse, 59, were previously convicted of causing or inciting involvement in child pornography for their offences with a ‘damaged’ 15-year-old girl at a Birmingham hotel.

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