Hundreds of Californians who were forcibly sterilized based on eugenics laws in the last century might still be alive and deserve an apology and financial reparations, a new study concludes.

In a Sacramento government office, historian and lead author Alexandra Minna Stern stumbled across a filing cabinet containing about 20,000 recommendations for eugenics-motivated sterilizations dating from 1919 through 1952.

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Time For Truth: (Reuters) – Historians seek reparations for Californians forcibly sterilized

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A police officer has undergone potentially lifesaving surgery after he was shot in the head while on duty near a college in downtown Detroit.

Collin Rose, 29, was shot just a few blocks from Wayne State University about 6.45pm on Tuesday, and was then rushed to the Detroit Receiving Hospital for surgery.

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Time For Truth: (Daily Mail) – Cops fear copycat attacks across the U.S. after a FIFTH officer is shot in three days

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The Californian woman successfully sued the American multinational pharmaceutical company for “negligent conduct” in both the way it makes and markets its baby powder.

The St. Louis jury’s ruling sees Johnson & Johnson lose the third trial in a row over concerns it’s talcum powder can cause cancer, sparking major concerns about the health risks of using the product.

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You can have a six-pack sculpted, dimples created, a designer vagina and almost any part of your face tweaked, lifted and tightened.

But, there’s a new plastic surgery procedure that is on the rise – and it’s altogether more bizarre.

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Time For Truth: (The Sun) – Botox For Your Testicles? Number Of Men Wanting The Bizarre Op Doubles In A Year

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