The administration has already taken the first step to accommodate President-elect Trump’s positions, agreeing Friday to take a timeout on President Obama’s push to kick-start his 2014 deportation amnesty.

In documents filed with a federal judge in Texas the Justice Department said that in light of the new management that will take over next year, the case should be suspended.

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Time For Truth: (The Washington Times) – Obama halts amnesty push in court, bows to incoming Trump administration

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The government’s appeal against the High Court ruling that MPs must vote on triggering Brexit will be heard in the Supreme Court from 5 December.

It will last four days, with the decision expected in the new year.

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Time For Truth: (BBC News) – Brexit court ruling appeal date set for 5 December

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A bipartisan group of lawmakers in the U.S. Congress on Thursday asked the Justice Department to clarify how a looming rule change to the government’s hacking powers could impact privacy rights of innocent Americans.

The change, due to take place on December 1, would let judges issue search warrants for remote access to computers located in any jurisdiction, potentially including foreign countries. Magistrate judges can normally only order searches within the jurisdiction of their court, which is typically limited to a few counties.

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Time For Truth: (Reuters) – U.S. lawmakers raise privacy concerns over new hacking rules

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Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas lamented Wednesday that the nation’s capital is “broken” and its institutions of government are being destroyed by an inability to debate issues with civility.

Speaking to a friendly audience at the Heritage Foundation as he celebrates his 25th anniversary on the high court, Thomas said even the Supreme Court must do more to earn the public trust.

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Time For Truth: (USA Today) – Justice Clarence Thomas: Nation's capital is 'broken'

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Justice Clarence Thomas may speak rarely on the Supreme Court, but he had strong words for the current state of American government Wednesday night.

In an appearance at the Heritage Foundation to celebrate his 25 years on the nation’s highest court, Thomas called the city of Washington, D.C. “broken in some ways” and suggested that public trust in the federal government had declined.

“At some point, we are going to have to recognize that we are destroying our institutions,” he said, acknowledging that the Court might also partially be at fault. “What have we done to gain their confidence?” he asked, according to a USA Today report. “Perhaps we should ask ourselves what we have done to not earn it or to earn it.”

The Supreme Court has become one of the central issues in the 2016 presidential election since the death of Justice Antonin Scalia earlier this year left a seat vacant on the nine-member court. The court is currently evenly split, 4-4, between liberal and conservative justices.

Thomas did not directly reference the vacancy or the nomination of Judge Merrick Garland, who Senate Republicans have refused to consider. Instead, the justice reflected on his friendship with Scalia and how, despite their very different upbringings, they agreed ideologically on major issues.

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Time For Truth: (Mc Clatchy) – Justice Clarence Thomas: ‘We are destroying our institutions’

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