Russia has withdrawn a request for three warships to dock at the Spanish port of Ceuta for refuelling, following concern among Nato allies.

The Spanish foreign ministry says the stopovers have now been cancelled.

Spain had been under pressure from Nato allies not to allow the refuelling of the Russian warships bound for Syria.

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Time For Truth: (BBC News) – Russian warships: Spain says refuelling request withdrawn

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Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Thursday invited the leaders of six southern EU countries to a conference in Athens on September 9, as he moves to form an alliance against the austerity-driven agenda of the bloc’s northern members, Greek media reported.

The conference, which is still being organized, will include France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Malta, according to the Athens News Agency.

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that the alliance’s ballistic missile defense system in Europe is now operational. The system includes warships, long-range missile defense interceptors and radars placed across the territory controlled by the allied forces.

“Today we have decided to declare initial operational capability of the NATO ballistic missile defense system. This means that the US ships based in Spain, the radar in Turkey and the interceptor site in Romania are now able to work together under NATO command and NATO control,” he explained.

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