The pre-election predictions of communications professionals surveyed by PRWeek proved to be unanimously – and embarrassingly – wrong. Could every PR executive in the U.S. have been so off, or was this a case of media bias in choosing the “experts?”

On Nov. 8, PRWeek published “They’re with her: PR execs predict a resounding Clinton victory,” in which it reported the pre-election predictions of 22 communications professionals – not one of whom predicted Donald Trump would win the election. Not only were their predictions wrong, they were embarrassingly wrong, with some apparently more influenced by personal opinion than science.

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Under the twisted premise of losing the popular vote and “no taxation without representation”, TIME’s Mark Weston proclaims that the approximately 65 million Democrats who voted for Hillary Clinton should pledge “we won’t pay taxes to the federal government… until democracy is restored.”

Because, It’s just not fair?

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Time For Truth: (Zero Hedge) – Time Urges 65 Million Americans Who Voted For Hillary Not To Pay Taxes

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Justice Clarence Thomas may speak rarely on the Supreme Court, but he had strong words for the current state of American government Wednesday night.

In an appearance at the Heritage Foundation to celebrate his 25 years on the nation’s highest court, Thomas called the city of Washington, D.C. “broken in some ways” and suggested that public trust in the federal government had declined.

“At some point, we are going to have to recognize that we are destroying our institutions,” he said, acknowledging that the Court might also partially be at fault. “What have we done to gain their confidence?” he asked, according to a USA Today report. “Perhaps we should ask ourselves what we have done to not earn it or to earn it.”

The Supreme Court has become one of the central issues in the 2016 presidential election since the death of Justice Antonin Scalia earlier this year left a seat vacant on the nine-member court. The court is currently evenly split, 4-4, between liberal and conservative justices.

Thomas did not directly reference the vacancy or the nomination of Judge Merrick Garland, who Senate Republicans have refused to consider. Instead, the justice reflected on his friendship with Scalia and how, despite their very different upbringings, they agreed ideologically on major issues.

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Time For Truth: (Mc Clatchy) – Justice Clarence Thomas: ‘We are destroying our institutions’

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A new trove of interview summaries and notes from the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails lays out a series of allegations that could prove fodder for future attacks on the Democratic presidential nominee.

The 100 pages, released Monday morning, include claims that Clinton “blatantly” disregarded protocol. Other claims include that a group of powerful State Department employees attempted to coordinate a document release, and that a department official asked for a “quid pro quo” related to the former secretary of state’s emails.

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Time For Truth: (CNBC) – New FBI release on Clinton email probe refers to 'Shadow Government'

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The world will be in danger if Republican nominee Donald Trump becomes president of the United States, the top United Nations human rights official said on Wednesday.

U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein cited Trump’s views on vulnerable communities including minorities and his talk of authorising torture in interrogations, banned under international law, as “deeply unsettling and disturbing”.

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Time For Truth: (Reuters) – Trump as president would pose global danger - U.N. rights chief

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