A wave of selling sweeping across bond markets resumed on Monday as investors continued to digest the impact of a Donald Trump presidency.

US and European bond prices have sunk in expectation that he will enact inflationary policies that speed the pace of interest rate rises.

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Time For Truth: (BBC News) – Bonds sell-off continues as investors bet on rate rise

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Come 2017, thousands of New York’s Obamacare users will wake up to double-digit premium hikes, the latest group of consumers affected by Affordable Care Act cost increases as insurers hemorrhage money from healthcare exchanges.

In a statement on Friday announcing 2017 premiums, NY’s Department of Financial Services (DFS) said after weighing insurer requests, the state settled on an average hike of 16.6 percent for individual exchange users in the state, while small group users will see a lower average increase of over 8 percent.

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Authorities in a Paris suburb have warned the owner of a halal supermarket that he must start selling pork and alcohol if he wants to remain open. Local residents have complained that they are not able to get a wide range of products at the store.

Under the terms of his lease, Soulemane Yalcin is obliged to run a ‘general food store’, but the lack of pork products and alcohol at his Good Price supermarket in Colombes are causing a stir in the western-Paris suburb.

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Gold is still expensive, but rising economic risks and market turmoil mean investors should buy it for insurance, Deutsche Bank said Friday.

The recovery since the global and European financial crises had put the price of gold under some pressure. The yellow metal, which some analysts view as a safe haven or as a protection against rising inflation, typically underperforms during periods when the economy is growing or inflation is low. However, in a note issued Friday, the German Bank said economic signs are pointing in gold’s favor.

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shanghai marketThose fearing that China is the big risk in the year ahead for global markets hope that the first trading day of 2016 does not set the tone for the rest of the year.

Between a 7% fall in shares that triggered new circuit breakers on the Shanghai SHCOMP, -5.33% and Shenzhen stock exchanges 399100, -6.63% and accelerated weakness in the yuan, there is ample fodder for China bears.

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