If AT&T completes its colossal acquisition of Time Warner, the combined company will in some ways look more like a bank than a media conglomerate.

The balance sheet of the merged company would have so much debt on it — about $175 billion — that it would exacerbate its position as the largest nonbank corporate issuer, and make it bigger than some financial institutions.

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Time For Truth: (The New York Times) – To Secure a Mega-Merger, AT&T Plans to Shoulder Mega-Debt

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School was in session for 350 junior high school students in a gritty, working-class section of Tijuana on a recent afternoon when shots rang out next door. By the time it was over, the assailants had fled and two people were dead: the owner of a small Clamato and car wash business, and a 17-year-old customer.

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Time For Truth: (LA Times) – Killings rise anew in Tijuana, a city haunted by years of violence

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Google attacked a European Union overhaul designed to ensure copyright owners get a fairer share of income, saying the measures would force it to vet text, video and images before they can be shared on its YouTube service.

“This would effectively turn the internet into a place where everything uploaded to the web must be cleared by lawyers before it can find an audience,” the search-engine giant said in a blog post after the European Commission unveiled draft rules that would also allow newspapers to demand payment when services such as Google News run their articles.

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Time For Truth: (Bloomberg) – Google Attacks EU Plans to Make It YouTube Copyright Cop

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European officials are rewriting detailed plans on how to bring data roaming charges to an end in countries across the EU.

Last year, the European Parliament agreed that extra costs faced by EU travellers using a mobile phone would be scrapped in June 2017.

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Time For Truth: (BBC News) – EU rewrites plans to scrap mobile roaming charges

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Multinational companies should refrain from tax-avoidance practices and pay their fair share, the head of euro zone finance ministers said on Saturday in a new endorsement of the European Union’s fight against tax-dodging.

In the wake of the ‘Panama Papers’ revelations of widespread tax-avoidance practices, Brussels has toughened up its drive for fairness by tightening controls and adopting stricter rules.

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Time For Truth: (Reuters) – 'Times are changing, pay your taxes', euro zone chief tells corporations

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