The use of camera drones has been made illegal in Sweden unless they are granted a special surveillance permit.

Under new rules set down by the Supreme Administrative Court of Sweden, camera drones qualify as surveillance cameras and require a licence.

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Time For Truth: (BBC News) – Sweden bans cameras on drones

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Civil code that outlaws taking pictures without permission of everyone in the photograph is ‘vague and obstructive’ say critics

Those planning a weekend break in Budapest take note. From 15 March anyone taking photographs in Hungary is technically breaking the law if someone wanders into shot, under a new civil code that outlaws taking pictures without the permission of everyone in the photograph. According to the justice ministry, people taking pictures should look out for those who are not waving in protest, nor trying to hide or run out of shot. 

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A fleet of miniature helicopter drones mounted with thermal imaging cameras will be deployed to combat graffiti-spraying gangs on the German railway network.

The drones, which fly at an altitude of 150 yards, will be used at graffiti ‘hotspots’ such as the big German cities of Berlin, Leipzig, Cologne and Hamburg, a spokesman for Deutsche Bahn confirmed.

The use of drones against vandals is the latest indication of the growing civilian market for unmanned aerial reconnaissance. Over 400 new drone systems are being developed by firms based in Europe, according to an EU report published last September.

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In a cell phone video (below) recorded on April 30, police officer Shannon Todd (pictured) of the Newark Police Gang Unit in New Jersey can be seen asking an unidentified man to hand her his cell phone.

Officer Todd said she wanted to make sure the cell phone was actually a cell phone and not a firearm, noted Photography Is Not a Crime.

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