A husband and wife death squad claim their vigilante gang have killed upwards of 800 people in the Philippines’ brutal war on drugs .

Assassins Ace and Sheila, who are part of a prolific hit team, have defended their roles in the bloodbath and say they turned to a life of murder so their children wouldn’t starve.

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Time For Truth: (Mirror) – Husband and wife death squad execute 800 people in brutal Philippines war on drug dealers

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President Rodrigo Duterte says he doesn’t “give a sh*t” if his brutal war on drugs in Philippines, which has over 3 million drug addicts, violates human rights.

“We have 3 million drug addicts, and it’s growing. So if we do not interdict this problem, the next generation will be having a serious problem,” Duterte said in an interview with Al Jazeera.

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Time For Truth: (Russia Today) – ‘I don’t give a sh*t about human rights’ - President Duterte on Philippines drugs war

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A petition to reject the controversial nominee for Philippine ambassador to the UN has reached more than 10,000 signatures, after he was seen using anti-Semitic language on Twitter.

Teodoro Locsin Jr, or “Teddy”, tweeted seemingly pro-Nazi comments, with references to Auschwitz and the “Final Solution”.

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Time For Truth: (BBC News) – Philippines' Teodoro Locsin's 'Nazi' tweets spark outrage

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Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s popularity has soared during his first three months in office, an independent survey showed Thursday, in an apparent endorsement by Filipinos of his brutal war on crime.

Defence ally the United States, the United Nations and the European Union have led global condemnation of Duterte’s unprecedented crime crackdown, which has left more than 3,000 people dead and raised fears of mass extrajudicial killings.

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Time For Truth: (France 24) – Duterte's popularity soars with Philippine crime war: poll

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“We are not that bad policemen or bad individuals. We are just a tool, we are just angels that God gave talent to, you know, to get these bad souls back to heaven and cleanse them.”

The words flow unnervingly from the mouth of the policeman, a senior officer in the Philippines national police (PNP), as he explains his role in 87 killings in the past three months.

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Time For Truth: (The Guardian) – Philippines secret death squads: officer claims police teams behind wave of killings

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