Low morale at the National Security Agency is causing some of the agency’s most talented people to leave in favor of private sector jobs, former NSA Director Keith Alexander told a room full of journalism students, professors and cybersecurity executives Tuesday. The retired general and other insiders say a combination of economic and social factors — including negative press coverage — have played a part.

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THOUSANDS of Saudi women have bombarded their King’s office in a fresh bid for new freedoms.

More than 2,000 sent angry messages to the office over the weekend after a petition demanding basic freedoms for women in the Islamic state.

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Time For Truth: (The Sun) – Thousands Of Women Bombard Saudi King’s Office Demanding Basic Freedom

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The White House has barred Pentagon leaders from a key talking point when it comes to publicly describing the military challenges posed by China.

In February, Defense Secretary Ash Carter cited the “return to great power of competition” in the Asia-Pacific, “where China is rising.”

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While presidential debate moderators are not allowed to wear earpieces during the proceedings, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) has not specifically ruled out the use of ear mics for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the first debate on Sept. 26.

A voter in Maryland wrote FEC Commissioner Matthew Petersen on Sept. 8 seeking a “clear response” to the matter.

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Time For Truth: (World Tribune) – No ear mics allowed for debate moderators; But what about the candidates?

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Prospective buyers at one Upper East Side condo project are quietly being offered a 5 percent discount. At an almost-completed Midtown building, five-bedroom homes will be divided into smaller units. Brokers whose clients sign deals at a downtown tower before Labor Day are getting $5,000 gift cards.

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Time For Truth: (10 News) – Another Sign Manhattan Real Estate Is Feeling the Pain

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