It was still dark when four men boarded the packed commuter bus heading for Mexico City and ordered the passengers to hand over their valuables.

They gathered up mobile phones and wallets, but as they prepared to leave near the town of Toluca, one passenger stood up, drew a pistol and shot the four assailants, killing their leader instantly.

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Time For Truth: (The Guardian) – Mexico's 'avengers' backed by public sick of crime and lack of punishment

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“The pain doesn’t go away” for 9/11 survivor Rick DeSantis, who spoke to RT on the eve of the tragedy’s 15th anniversary, calling for a full investigation into the destruction of the Twin Towers.

DeSantis vividly recalls the “flames and the ball of fire” from that fateful September day 15 years ago, which still gives him nightmares even today.

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Time For Truth: (Russia Today) – ‘It’s been 15 years. Not even simplest questions answered’ – 9/11 survivor to RT

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Police say an attack on a train on the eastern Swiss border was not connected to terrorism. One woman and the attacker died after the incident.

A 27-year-old Swiss man attacked several passengers on the train on Saturday afternoon using a knife and flammable liquid. A 34-year-old woman died from her injuries on Sunday. The attacker was also confirmed dead after suffering serious burns. Police were not able to question him before he died.

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European security agencies are facing ever-harder challenges to try and prevent ‘lone wolf’ terror attacks, according to the continent’s policing agency. Europol says recent attacks have shown how hard it is to “detect and disrupt suspects.”

Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) claimed responsibility for the attacks carried out by Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel in Nice and a 17-year-old migrant who attacked passengers with an ax on a train at Wuerzburg in the south of Germany.

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The release last week of video footage taken from the cellphone of a passenger inside the pickup truck driven by Arizona rancher Robert LaVoy Finicum provides dramatic new evidence of the final minutes and seconds before he was shot to death at a roadblock near Burns, Oregon, on January 26.

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