A song that describes “atrocities” in Indian-administered Kashmir has been released in Pakistan, causing controversy. BBC Monitoring’s Tulika Bhatnagar traces its origins and impact.

The Kashmir Anthem Song is dedicated to separatist militant Burhan Wani, whose death in July sparked the worst violence the region has seen for years.

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Time For Truth: (BBC News) – Kashmir 'freedom anthem' released to controversy

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Pakistan captured an Indian soldier on its side of the disputed Kashmir border Thursday, Indian officials told CNN, as tensions continue to rise between the two nuclear neighbors.

The soldier inadvertently crossed the border to the Pakistani side of the Line of Control, which divides the Indian and Pakistani-administered portion of Kashmir, said Colonel Rohan Anand, press officer for the Indian Army.

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Time For Truth: (CNN) – Pakistan captures Indian soldier along disputed Kashmir border

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Are the days of Indian restraint toward Pakistan over? New Delhi’s announcement on Thursday, that it had conducted “surgical strikes” in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir to take out “terrorist teams,” risked escalating already heightened tensions between South Asia’s nuclear armed rivals, signaling a new Indian assertiveness in the face of provocations by its western neighbor. Until now, India had been careful to avoid doing anything that might spark a military clash with Islamabad. Had New Delhi now changed its mind about the risks of confronting Pakistan?

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Time For Truth: (Time) – Tensions Rise as India Claims ‘Surgical Strikes’ in Pakistan-Controlled Kashmir

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India’s announcement of “surgical strikes” in Pakistan on Thursday marked a sharp worsening of tensions between the nuclear-armed nations, signalling Delhi has lost patience with its neighbor for allegedly sheltering militants.

The Indian army said it was trying to take out terrorists who’d “positioned themselves … with an aim to carry out infiltration and terrorist strikes.

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Time For Truth: (NBC News) – India Strikes Pakistan: Why It's 'Very, Very Significant'

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India’s army says it has carried out “surgical strikes” against suspected militants along the de-facto border with Pakistan in Kashmir.

The operation was aimed at preventing attacks being planned by Pakistan-based militants, a senior army official said.

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Time For Truth: (BBC News) – Kashmir attack: India 'launches strikes against militants'

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