In a latest measure to create a “safe space” for students, a number of universities have issued “costume protocol,” banning such un-PC Halloween costumes as Arab turbans, feathered Indian headdresses, Japanese Geisha outfits, and Caitlyn Jenner costumes.

Brock University in Ontario, Canada, for instance, has set up a website laying out its “Halloween Costume Vetting Protocol,” complete with a list of offending costumes and pictures of inappropriate wear.

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Time For Truth: (Breitbart) – Universities Ban Politically Incorrect Halloween Costumes

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This wasn’t supposed to happen.

A student(?) in a Bill Clinton rape T-shirt popped up behind Hillary at Wayne State University rally.

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Time For Truth: (The Gateway Pundit) – Oops! Man in ‘Bill Clinton Rape’ T-Shirt Pops Up at Hillary Rally – (VIDEO)

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Law authorities have warned they believe criminals are using Android phones to trigger fraudulent tap-and-go payments.

The alert comes in Europol’s annual Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment report.

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Time For Truth: (BBC News) – Europol warns of Android tap-and-go thefts

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The battered Mexican peso has tumbled to historic new lows in recent days, nearing a psychological barrier of 20 pesos to the U.S. dollar and causing anxiety on the streets, at businesses and in the halls of government.

Among other factors, many point to the recent rise in U.S. presidential polls of Donald Trump, the Republican nominee who has vowed to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and has been widely accused here of Mexico-bashing.

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Time For Truth: (LA Times) – Fears for Mexico's economy grow as the peso nears the 20 to the dollar mark

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A French appeals court has slashed the amount of damages due to be paid by rogue trader Jerome Kerviel to €1m ($1.12m; £860,00).

Kerviel had been ordered to pay back the €4.9bn of losses his trades amassed for his ex-employer Societe Generale.

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Time For Truth: (BBC News) – Court slashes damages to be paid by ex-trader Kerviel

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