British lawmakers backed Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit timetable on Wednesday after she headed off a rebellion in her Conservative Party over a lack of insight into the government’s strategy to leave the European Union.

May has come under pressure from lawmakers, businesses and investors to set out at least a broad picture of how she sees Britain’s future relationship with the EU. She says giving too much away could weaken Britain’s hand in the country’s most important negotiations since World War Two.

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Time For Truth: (Reuters) – British lawmakers back PM May's Brexit timetable

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Thousands of anti-government protesters marched in Malaysia’s capital on Saturday demanding the resignation of the prime minister, Najib Razak, over his alleged involvement in a multibillion-dollar misappropriation scandal.

Clad in yellow shirts and unfazed by arrests of activists and opposition leaders just hours before the rally, protesters marched from various spots towards the heart of Kuala Lumpur amid tight security.

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Time For Truth: (The Guardian) – Thousands call for Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak to quit

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His economy is in freefall, his citizens are taking to the streets to demand his ouster and his country can’t even pull off an international soccer match without things going haywire. So Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro responded last week by hosting a new radio program, called “The Hour of Salsa,” in which he insulted the political opposition—then spun tunes and danced around the studio with his wife. Maduro followed up this bizarre performance with a speech in which he declared that “neither through elections nor bullets” would the opposition ever gain control of the Miraflores presidential palace.

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Time For Truth: (Time) – Think Politics Are Bad in the U.S.? Welcome to Venezuela

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There was a moment where it seemed like the prophecy would come true. Reports came out of Latinos in Nevada turning out in droves to vote against Donald Trump. #SomosElMuro, We Are the Wall, sprang up as a hashtag. Alongside it, people shared their inspiring pictures of the demographic that would stop Trump.

And then, it evaporated. Yes, Latinos showed up for early voting, and the majority did throw their support behind Hillary Clinton, but no sleeping giant awoke. Well, one did, but it was working-class whites in the Rust Belt, and they voted overwhelmingly for Trump.

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Time For Truth: (The Guardian) – 'The Latino vote' didn't overwhelm Trump, because we're not all the same

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Tens of thousands of South Koreans are expected to march in Seoul to demand President Park Geun-hye’s resignation on Saturday, a day after she took blame for a “heartbreaking” scandal and rising suspicion that she allowed a mysterious confidante to manipulate power from the shadows.

Police expect around 40,000 people in what could be the largest anti-government rally in nearly a year while organizers say as many as 100,000 will turn out.

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Time For Truth: (CNBC) – Tens of thousands in South Korea call for president to quit

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