A mother holds her infant son Luke during a visit with him at Lily’s Place, a treatment center for opioid-dependent newborns in Huntington, West Virginia, October 19, 2015.

The rates of babies in rural American areas born with symptoms of opioid withdrawal has skyrocketed, illustrating another symptom of the ongoing opioid epidemic spreading through parts of the United States.

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Time For Truth: (CNBC) – Rising number of rural American babies born with opioid withdrawal

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The Facebook page “Michell Obama for 2020” posted a video of a woman shaming a young boy — presumed to be her son — and kicking him out of the house for voting for Donald Trump in his elementary school’s mock election.

The video opens with the young boy crying while his mother yells at him, “since you voted for Donald Trump, you can get your shit and get out.”

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She took him to a hospital in Los Angeles, but doctors there didn’t know how to treat what they saw.

Lucian’s legs felt soft as jelly and he couldn’t move them. His breathing became rapid. The left side of his smile drooped as his muscles weakened.

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Time For Truth: (LA Times) – Her toddler suddenly paralyzed, mother tries to solve a vexing medical mystery

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Those who have been tracking the life of Aidin—the Thai baby buried alive–will be happy to know that timely help and medical attention nursed this newborn back to life. He lived in an orphanage for some time. Now, a Swedish couple has adopted Aidin and he is set to join them in a bid to start a brand new chapter in his life.

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A video has surfaced claiming to show a mother who heard her daughter had been bullying a bald cancer patient taking extreme measures to punish her.

The woman is filmed shaving her daughter’s hair, reportedly as a punishment.

The girl covers her face and screams as large clumps of hair fall to the floor.

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Time For Truth: (Metro) – Mother filmed shaving daughter’s hair off ‘after she bullied bald cancer patient’

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