A barrel bomb killed a family of six in rebel-held eastern Aleppo early on Sunday and rebel shelling took the lives of eight children at a school in the west, as one of the heaviest government bombardments of Syria’s civil war continues.

Two medics said the al-Baytounji family suffocated to death because the barrel bomb, which fell in the Sakhour district at about midnight, had been laced with chlorine gas.

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Time For Truth: (Aljazeera) – Battle for Aleppo: Civilian casualties mount

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Imagine a world where an authoritarian government monitors everything you do, amasses huge amounts of data on almost every interaction you make, and awards you a single score that measures how “trustworthy” you are.

In this world, anything from defaulting on a loan to criticizing the ruling party, from running a red light to failing to care for your parents properly, could cause you to lose points.

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Time For Truth: (The Washington Post) – China’s plan to organize its society relies on ‘big data’ to rate everyone

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Turkish-backed rebels have captured the symbolically important Syrian town of Dabiq from the Islamic State group, rebel commanders and monitors say.

Dabiq was under “full control” of Turkish-backed Syrian rebels, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said.
The small northern town holds great value for IS because of a prophecy of an apocalyptic battle, and features heavily in its propaganda.

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Time For Truth: (BBC News) – Syria conflict: IS 'ousted from symbolic town of Dabiq'

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Warplanes have continued to pound the northern city of Aleppo, as Syria’s military presses ahead with its new offensive to retake rebel-held areas.

At least 27 people have been killed in the strikes, monitors say, although other reports put the death toll higher. One rescue worker described what happened as “annihilation”.

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Time For Truth: (BBC News) – Syria conflict: Aleppo pounded as military presses offensive

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More than 5,400 Ground Zero responders and others who lived, worked or went to school near the fallen Twin Towers have come down with 9/11-linked cancers, a grim tally that has tripled in the past 2¹/₂ years.

As of June 30, 5,441 people enrolled in the WTC Health Program have been diagnosed with 6,378 separate cancers, with some struck by more than one type, officials said.

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Time For Truth: (New York Post) – Diagnoses of 9/11-linked cancers have tripled in less than 3 years

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