Two dolphins have been recorded having a conversation for the first time after scientists developed an underwater microphone which could distinguish the animals’ different “voices”.

Researchers have known for decades that the mammals had an advanced form of communication, using distinctive clicks and whistles to show they are excited, happy, stressed or separated from the group.

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Time For Truth: (The Telegraph) – Dolphins recorded having a conversation 'just like two people' for first time

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In the summer of 1972, state-of-the-art campaign spying consisted of amateur burglars, armed with duct tape and microphones, penetrating the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee. Today, amateur burglars have been replaced by cyberspies, who penetrated the DNC armed with computers and sophisticated hacking tools.

Where the Watergate burglars came away empty-handed and in handcuffs, the modern- day cyber thieves walked away with tens of thousands of sensitive political documents and are still unidentified.

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Time For Truth: (Reuters) – Commentary: Evidence points to another Snowden at the NSA

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The Close-In Covert Autonomous Disposable Aircraft, or CICADA, is playfully described as a “paper airplane with a circuit board” in a recent AFP article. The micro-drone is intended to be deployed in, what the U.S. military has taken to calling, “swarms.”

The CICADA swarm is dropped from an airplane to glide down to the Earth’s surface, directed by an on-board GPS which can guide the drones to within 4.5 meters (approx. 15 ft) of its target destination from a 17 km (approx. 11 mile) descent.

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The government has quietly rewritten anti-hacking laws, giving GCHQ staff, intelligence officers and police immunity from prosecution for hacking into computers and mobile phones.

The Computer Misuse Act, which came into effect in 1990, states that gaining unauthorised access to computer material is a criminal offence, punishable by up to 12 months’ imprisonment and a fine.

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