Analysts believe the outcome of the ballot on constitutional reform could have massive global implications.

With many European leaders already coming under severe pressure from anti-EU parties ahead of elections next year the significance of the Italian result is huge.

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It’s midday, and the meat stalls in Turin’s open-air food market, Porta Palazzo, are crowded with customers browsing the beef, salami and prosciutto on offer. Shopping for meat is an everyday ritual in the capital city of Piedmont, a region of Italy with a rich culinary history – but this could all be about to change.

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Time For Truth: (The Guardian) – A meat-free Turin? Is Italy’s first 'vegetarian city' a recipe for disaster?

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Italy’s prime minister has distanced himself from a campaign promoted by his health minister which encouraged couples to have more children.

The Fertility Day campaign was criticised on social media for appearing not to understand the reasons behind Italy’s low birth rate.

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Parents who restrict their children to a vegan diet could face a jail term if a controversial bill is passed by the Italian parliament.

Such parents, the draft bill claims, are imposing a diet “devoid of essential elements for [children’s] healthy and balanced growth”.

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Time For Truth: (BBC News) – Italy proposal to jail vegans who impose diet on children

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Police are scrambling to break up pop-up encampments as more and more migrants become stranded in the country unable to travel northwards.

As Europe’s free movement zone continues to crumble neighbour Austria, which has taken a hard line on mass migration, has clamped down on movements across the Alps.

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