A recent Fox 7 feature is exposing the work life of U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to Texas’ Rio Grande Valley sector, a 1,254 mile stretch where they’re nabbing about 500 illegal immigrants flooding into the country each day.

Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Marlene Castro told the news site the traffic crossing the Rio Grande River from Mexico is unrelenting and impossible to contain, despite the fact that most border jumpers willingly comply with officers.

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Illegal immigrants are preparing to ask President Obama to pardon some 750,000 Dreamers, saying such a move is their last, best hope to stave off what they fear will be a wave of deportations once Donald Trump takes the Oval Office.

Community leaders have planned a rally in New York on Wednesday to make the request.

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Time For Truth: (The Washington Times) – Illegals demand Obama issue mass pardons amid Trump deportation fears

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There was a moment where it seemed like the prophecy would come true. Reports came out of Latinos in Nevada turning out in droves to vote against Donald Trump. #SomosElMuro, We Are the Wall, sprang up as a hashtag. Alongside it, people shared their inspiring pictures of the demographic that would stop Trump.

And then, it evaporated. Yes, Latinos showed up for early voting, and the majority did throw their support behind Hillary Clinton, but no sleeping giant awoke. Well, one did, but it was working-class whites in the Rust Belt, and they voted overwhelmingly for Trump.

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Time For Truth: (The Guardian) – 'The Latino vote' didn't overwhelm Trump, because we're not all the same

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Amnesty for illegal immigrants like a program proposed by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton would require an immediate tax hike of $1.2 trillion, a $15,000 hit on every household in America, according to a new analysis of immigration reform.

The authoritative National Academy of Sciences said the cost to give some 11 million illegals citizenship rights would be staggering, though it suggested long-term benefits.

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Time For Truth: (Washington Examiner) – Amnesty tax: $15,000 per household, $1.2 trillion

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In a bid to put the issue of illegal immigration back into the presidential debate, outspoken critic Sen. Jeff Sessions on Monday issued a “Critical Alert” warning of a potentially historic surge of over the border.

“We are simply overwhelmed,” his statement said. In it he estimated the Fiscal Year 2016 illegal crossings at 817,740.

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Time For Truth: (Washington Examiner) – Sessions: 'Critical alert,' 817,740 illegals crossed last year

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