It’s only been a few weeks since hackers hijacked more than 1 million Internet of Things devices to launch a record-breaking Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack against the website of cybersecurity reporter Brian Krebs.

Now, the malware that powered the unprecedented attack has been released online for anyone to use.

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Time For Truth: (Vice) – Hacker Releases Code That Powered Record-Breaking Botnet Attack

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Attackers used an army of hijacked security cameras and video recorders to launch several massive internet attacks last week, prompting fresh concern about the vulnerability of millions of “smart” devicesin homes and businesses connected to the internet.

The assaults raised eyebrows among security experts both for their size and for the machines that made them happen. The attackers used as many as one million Chinese-made security cameras, digital video recorders and other infected devices to generate webpage requests and data that knocked their targets offline, security experts said. It is unclear whether the attackers had access to video feeds from the devices.

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Time For Truth: (Wall Street Journal) – Hackers Infect Army of Cameras, DVRs for Massive Internet Attacks

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It is well-nigh impossible to review a book by David Brock without reviewing David Brock.

At 52, the author of Killing the Messenger: The Right-Wing Plot to Derail Hillary and Hijack Your Government has become such a polarizing, indeed novelistic, fixture in the Washington media-political complex that his persona tends to overwhelm his self-professed principles.

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Time For Truth: (The Daily Beast) – Can Anyone Ever Truly Trust David Brock?

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A number of farmer and consumer advocacy groups are breaking ties with the influential Organic Trade Association (OTA), after it was discovered that the membership-based organization, which represents the entire organic industry in both Canada and the United States, sold out to Big Agribusiness by extending its support to the Stabenow-Roberts Bill, which many are now referring to as the Monsanto “DARK” Act 2.0.

The farmer-owned Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association (OSGATA) was one of the first groups to jump ship from OTA, citing the organization’s “duplicity towards organic farmers and consumers,” with its support for legislation that preempts existing state laws like those of Vermont and Connecticut that mandate proper labeling for genetically modified organisms (GMOs). OSGATA is outraged that OTA would betray its members by throwing its support behind efforts to un-label GMOs in order to pander to the likes of Monsanto.

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