German Chancellor Angela Merkel told her party Sunday she will seek re-election next year, a move likely to be welcomed in many capitals as a sign of stability following poll triumphs for Brexit and Donald Trump.

After months of feverish speculation, Merkel announced at a meeting with other leaders of her conservative Christian Democrats (CDU) that she would run for a fourth term, a decision they met with thunderous applause, party sources told AFP.

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Leading allies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned on Thursday that populists would pose a problem for Europe unless mainstream politicians came up with answers after Donald Trump’s victory in the U.S. presidential election.

Trump’s win has encouraged right-wing parties in Austria, France and the Netherlands, among others. A Politbarometer poll for broadcaster ZDF showed 82 percent of Germans viewed it as bad or very bad, and 65 percent expected relations with the United States to deteriorate under Trump’s presidency.

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Time For Truth: (Reuters) – Merkel allies warn of Trump effect, poll shows Germans dismayed

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The wall’s construction is being seen as a compromise between angry residents and the local government after seven locals previously filed a complaint against the shelter, Welt reported.

Those against the shelter have argued that the site will cause the value of their homes to plummet, and have raised fears about noise coming from the site. The nearest houses to the shelter are located 25 meters (82ft) away, and are separated from the construction by trees and a road, according to Ruptly.

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Time For Truth: (Russia Today) – ‘Absolute madness’: German town to separate refugees, residents with barrier taller than Berlin Wall

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Car giant Volkswagen says German prosecutors have expanded their probe of the emissions scandal to include the firm’s chairman of the board.

Hans Dieter Poetsch was chief financial officer when the scandal over cars rigged to cheat on US diesel emissions tests broke in September 2015.

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Time For Truth: (BBC News) – VW emissions probe to investigate board chair Poetsch

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The bank is engaged in an ongoing dispute with the US Justice Department which is likely to not just result in a huge fine but in the banking giant sacrificing its American business.

An insider told German media: “Before an agreement about the amount of the penalty can be made with the Americans, the bank has to sort out one or two other things” – not least its international business model.

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