Henry Kissinger says Donald Trump is the “most unique” president-elect in his lifetime because the billionaire is not obligated to any particular group.

“This president-elect, it’s the most unique that I have experienced in one respect. He has absolutely no baggage,” Kissinger told CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS.” “He has no obligation to any particular group because he has become president on the basis of his own strategy.”

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Time For Truth: (The Hill) – Kissinger: Trump has no baggage

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The foreign policy adviser to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says the US and Russia share common goals, but that Washington’s “arrogant” foreign policy has often ignored those interests.

Speaking to Sputnik, Carter Page said that “many of America’s core national interests overlap significantly with the strategic priorities of Russia. But unfortunately, an arrogant foreign policy in Washington has quite often failed to consider America’s own fundamental priorities.”

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Donald Trump will have a plan to wipe out ISIS within 30 days of being sworn in as president, the mogul pledged in a high-profile national security speech Wednesday in Philadelphia.

“Immediately after taking office I will ask generals for a plan within 30 days to defeat and destroy ISIS,” Trump announced.

“We should work with any country that shares our goal of destroying ISIS and defeating radical Islamic terrorism.”

Trying to channel Ronald Reagan’s mantra, Trump said his foreign policy guiding principle is “Peace through strength.”

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Time For Truth: (New York Post) – ‘Failure and death’: Trump slams Clinton’s foreign policy record

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U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon admitted Thursday Saudi Arabia had been removed from a blacklist for maiming and killing children as a result of unnamed sources’ threats to defund United Nations programs. In plain language, an unknown entity used extortion to force the U.N. to reverse an important move toward ensuring the safety of children.

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Saudi Arabia threatened this week to break relations with the United Nations and cut hundreds of millions of dollars in assistance to its humanitarian relief and counterterrorism programs to strong-arm the U.N. into removing Riyadh and its allies from a blacklist of groups that are accused of harming children in armed conflict.

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