Monsanto has been found guilty in the poisoning of a French farmer in their recent appeals case. The Lyon, France, courts upheld a 2012 ruling which found Monsanto “responsible” for the poisoning which caused the farmer to suffer neurological problems after using their Lasso weedkiller.

Though Monsanto believes that they will one day win the case on appeal, for now farmers and advocates celebrate.

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Time For Truth: (Natural News) – Monsanto found guilty in French farmer poisoning

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I almost missed it. In the darkness, illuminated in a flash of headlights, a big, black swastika shone out from the side of a concrete bridge. We were driving across southern Italy at night and the only lights came from the angry, wriggling lines of fires set by farmers to burn stubble off the fields.

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Time For Truth: (The Telegraph) – Southern Italy's anti-politician mood shows that the EU is doomed

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A number of farmer and consumer advocacy groups are breaking ties with the influential Organic Trade Association (OTA), after it was discovered that the membership-based organization, which represents the entire organic industry in both Canada and the United States, sold out to Big Agribusiness by extending its support to the Stabenow-Roberts Bill, which many are now referring to as the Monsanto “DARK” Act 2.0.

The farmer-owned Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association (OSGATA) was one of the first groups to jump ship from OTA, citing the organization’s “duplicity towards organic farmers and consumers,” with its support for legislation that preempts existing state laws like those of Vermont and Connecticut that mandate proper labeling for genetically modified organisms (GMOs). OSGATA is outraged that OTA would betray its members by throwing its support behind efforts to un-label GMOs in order to pander to the likes of Monsanto.

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Illinois farmer David Erickson admits that what he and many U.S. farmers are about to do doesn’t seem to make much sense. With bulging stockpiles of corn and soybeans left over from last year’s harvest, they’re planting more in 2016 — even though the crops probably won’t be profitable.

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The fruit and veg that graces our plates today would have been unrecognisable to our ancestors, researchers have revealed.

A new series of pictures shows what everything from the watermelon to the banana originally looked like.

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