Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte launched an expletive-laden attack on the European Union after it condemned his brutal crackdown on crime.

Mr Duterte said the EU parliament was acting out of guilt after it called on him to halt “the current wave of extrajudicial executions and killings”.

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Time For Truth: (BBC News) – Philippines' Duterte fierce attack on 'hypocritical' EU

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The U.S. government wants to intervene in an Irish court case that has already disrupted the transatlantic flow of European Union citizens’ personal information on which many businesses rely.

And one of the parties to that case, Austrian Facebook user Max Schrems, is looking forward to the opportunity to have U.S. authorities questioned under oath on a matter that could determine the future of European privacy law.

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Google has hired from Downing Street, the Home Office and the Treasury while senior executives from the firm have been appointed to Government.

The revelation of the appointments will raise new fears about a ‘revolving door’ between the heart of Government one of the world’s biggest firms.

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Anger at established elites and irritation at the interventions of leaders such as U.S. President Barack Obama will help to push British voters to opt for an exit from the European Union on June 23, the head of the Vote Leave campaign said.

With a team of about 60 full-time staff in a tower block across the River Thames from Parliament, Matthew Elliott is plotting what he describes as a revolution: Brexit.

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