As protesters continue to stand against the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota, facing off against heavily militarized police and their water cannons, rubber bullets, tear gas, and tasers, they have gained broad support. Celebrities and millions of social media users have raised awareness about the situation in North Dakota, and now, the “water protectors” have earned support from another group: veterans.

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Time For Truth: (Zero Hedge) – Hundreds Of Veterans Heading To Standing Rock To Defend DAPL Protesters From Police

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Candice E. Jackson, an attorney and advocate for women who have been the victims of other women in positions of power, recently agreed to an interview regarding the Kathy Shelton rape case.

Ms. Shelton, whom Ms. Jackson represents, was 12 years old in 1975 when she was brutally raped by Thomas Taylor.

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Time For Truth: (PJ Media) – The Truth About Hillary And Kathy Shelton

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A series of leaked images reveal how groups of illegal immigrants continue to flow over the Texas border in unprecedented numbers. The lack of physical barrier and real border security allows human smugglers and their cargo to simply wade across the shallow waters of the Rio Grande.

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Time For Truth: (Breitbart) – Leaked Images Show Illegals Casually Strolling Across Open Border

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Having lent support to the North Dakota pipeline protesters, the Obama administration is stiff-arming requests for more federal assistance as the situation on the ground at the massive encampment grows increasingly volatile.

Six states sent law enforcement support to the Dakota Access pipeline site after several law enforcement officers were hurt in last weekend’s clashes that saw 127 arrests, the shooting of a drone that buzzed a helicopter and the use of pepper spray against protesters who charged a police line.

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Time For Truth: (The Washington Times) – Obama steers clear as North Dakota pipeline protests veer out of control

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John Stumpf’s trip to Capitol Hill on Tuesday opens Wells Fargo’s sales practices—and the executive himself—to a fresh round of scrutiny.

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Time For Truth: (Wall Street Journal) – Wells Fargo’s John Stumpf Takes Center Stage at Senate

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