One smaller firm has hiked its dual fuel prices by 30 per cent — and experts fear the Big Six could follow suit.
Such rises are a major blow, with energy bills already at a record high.

A typical household with a Big Six supplier — British Gas, EDF Energy, Eon, Npower, SSE and Scottish Power — currently pays £1,066 a year for gas and electricity if they pay by monthly direct debit.

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Time For Truth: (Daily Mail) – Electricity prices to rise 10% in January - and yes, you've guessed it, energy giants are blaming green taxes

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Mohammed Idrees used to travel to London once or twice a year, but these days the Saudi civil servant is asking his wife and children to cut back on using the family car to save fuel and has installed a solar panel for the kitchen to reduce electricity costs.

For decades, Saudi nationals such as Mr. Idrees enjoyed a cozy lifestyle in the desert kingdom as its rulers spent hundreds of billions of dollars of its oil revenue to subsidize essentials such as fuel, water and electricity.

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Time For Truth: (Wall Street Journal) – Kingdom Comedown: Falling Oil Prices Shock Saudi Middle Class

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Cuba is drastically cutting electricity, imports and investment, as well as reducing fuel consumption by 28 percent through the end of the year, its economy minister said on Friday in a closed-door speech to the National Assembly published by official media on Saturday.

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Claudia Flores and her husband were months past due on $60 phone and $80 electricity bills.

So they packed their minivans with strollers, car seats, used T-shirts and assorted other things and drove to a stretch of Figueroa Street just blocks from Imperial Highway in South Los Angeles.

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British business giants including Sainsbury’s and Dixons Carphone have been handed tens of thousands of pounds of taxpayer cash to install energy-efficient lightbulbs, as part of Government efforts to avert a looming power crunch.

The Football Association and Travis Perkins are among other organisations to share in a total of £5 million of Government funding, under a scheme to try to reduce the risk of blackouts in coming winters by cutting electricity demand.

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