A reported sighting of Nigel Farage queuing at the German embassy has prompted fevered, but probably inaccurate, speculation on social media that the Eurosceptic former Ukip leader could be applying for dual citizenship.

A spokesman said he could not contact Farage – whose wife, Kirsten Mehr, is German – so was unable to confirm whether he had even been at the embassy on Monday when a Facebook user reported seeing him.

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Time For Truth: (The Guardian) – Alleged sighting of Farage at German embassy sparks citizenship speculation

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The Obama administration has tightened travel terms regarding Iran, Iraq, Syria and Sudan, under rules that will also make travel to the US harder for some Europeans.

The rules, which took effect on Thursday, create new visa requirements for dual nationals and anyone who has traveled to those countries in the last five years. Many Europeans enjoy visa-free travel to the US. Should they have dual citizenship or have traveled to Iran, Iraq, Syria or Sudan, they will require new permits.

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