After a few months that’s seen the small matter of neo-liberalism dying and the beginning of the end of globalization, you might be forgiven for thinking that your portfolio might need a little updating.

Well, listening to the experts on CNBC last week there seems to be two schools of thought on this issue.

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Time For Truth: (CNBC) – $1 trillion of spending, 'Trumpflation' and what it means for your portfolio

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If AT&T completes its colossal acquisition of Time Warner, the combined company will in some ways look more like a bank than a media conglomerate.

The balance sheet of the merged company would have so much debt on it — about $175 billion — that it would exacerbate its position as the largest nonbank corporate issuer, and make it bigger than some financial institutions.

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Time For Truth: (The New York Times) – To Secure a Mega-Merger, AT&T Plans to Shoulder Mega-Debt

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China’s holdings of U.S. Treasuries fell to the lowest level since November 2012, as the world’s second-largest economy draws down its foreign reserves to prop up the yuan.

The biggest foreign holder of U.S. government debt had $1.19 trillion in bonds, notes and bills in August, down $33.7 billion from the prior month, the biggest drop since 2013, according to U.S. Treasury Department data released Tuesday in Washington and previous figures compiled by Bloomberg.

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Time For Truth: (Bloomberg) – China Holdings of U.S. Treasuries Drop to Almost Four-Year Low

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The government ran a $587 billion budget deficit for the just-completed fiscal year, a 34 percent spike over last year after significant improvement from the record deficits of President Barack Obama’s first years in office.

Friday’s deficit news, while sobering, does not appear bad enough to jolt a gridlocked Washington into action to stem the flow of red ink. It came in an annual report by the Treasury Department and the White House budget office.

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Time For Truth: (Mc Clatchy) – Obama administration: Budget deficit increases to $587B

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The federal government passed a fiscal milestone on the first business day of fiscal 2017—which was Monday, Oct. 3—when the total federal debt accumulated during the presidency of Barack Obama topped $9,000,000,000,000 for the first time.

On Jan. 20, 2009, when Obama was inaugurated, the total debt of the federal government was $10,626,877,048,913.08, according to data published by the U.S. Treasury.

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Time For Truth: (CNS News) – Debt Under Obama Up $9,000,000,000,000

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