Obamacare premiums are set to skyrocket an average of 22% for the benchmark silver plan in 2017, according to a government report released Monday.

The price hike is the latest blow to Obamacare. Insurers are raising prices and downsizing their presence on the exchanges as they try to stem losses from sicker-than-anticipated customers. Enrollment for 2017 will be closely watched since insurers want to see younger and healthier consumers enroll.

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Time For Truth: (CNN) – Obamacare premiums to soar 22%

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It’s a casting director’s dream. Jack Ma, China’s richest man, and the highest-grossing Hollywood auteur of all time have struck a deal to work together to produce and finance films for the world’s second-largest movie market.

Alibaba Pictures Group Ltd. is buying a stake in Amblin Partners, the production outfit backed by Steven Spielberg to work together on production, marketing and distribution both globally and in China. It’s the latest in a spree of deals over the past two years intended to help U.S. studios tap what could soon be the world’s largest box office, while hopefully imparting a little of that Hollywood movie-making magic to increasingly ambitious Chinese households.

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Time For Truth: (Bloomberg) – Jack Ma, Spielberg Team Up With Deal to Bring Hollywood to China

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A £14bn legal claim has been filed against Mastercard on behalf of UK consumers seeking damages for anti-competitive card fees.

In 2014, the European Court of Justice ruled that regulators were right to condemn the cost of its interchange fees – the fees retailers pay banks to process card payments.

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Time For Truth: (BBC News) – Mastercard faces £14bn card fee claim

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Australia is suing the local arm of Volkswagen for allegedly misleading customers by selling modified vehicles that covered up emissions fraud.

Its consumer watchdog claims Volkswagen intentionally sold more than 57,000 such vehicles over a five-year period.

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Time For Truth: (10 News) – Australia sues Volkswagen unit over alleged emissions fraud

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Amazon’s UK customers can now push a button when they run out of toilet rolls or washing powder – and within 24 hours a package will arrive at the front door.

You can see the launch of the Dash service in two ways. It’s either another miraculous piece of innovation from the e-commerce giant that will make our lives simpler, or a scary sign that lazy consumers are yet again handing far too much power to a US technology firm.

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