You can have a six-pack sculpted, dimples created, a designer vagina and almost any part of your face tweaked, lifted and tightened.

But, there’s a new plastic surgery procedure that is on the rise – and it’s altogether more bizarre.

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Time For Truth: (The Sun) – Botox For Your Testicles? Number Of Men Wanting The Bizarre Op Doubles In A Year

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Three separate investigations are underway in a French clinical trial laboratory to try and find out how one man was left brain dead and three others facing possible permanent brain damage after taking part in a trial for a painkiller, in the worst such accident in France’s medical history.

Judicial police began their probe late on Friday at the premises of Biotrial, a drug evaluation company based in the western city of Rennes which was running the test on behalf of the Portuguese pharmaceutical company Bial.

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Malcolm Brabant’s face – round, ruddy, full-featured, and crowned by a bald dome – is immediately recognisable. For 30 years he has been an award-winning member of the BBC’s team of foreign correspondents, bringing wars, natural disasters, political stand-offs and occasionally something a bit more cheerful into our living rooms on the evening news.

If the countenance is familiar, though, his current location isn’t. His usual on-screen sign-off is ringing in my ears — “Malcolm Brabant, BBC News, Athens” – but today he is welcoming me into his home in Copenhagen.

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