Myanmar is seeking the ethnic cleansing of the Muslim Rohingya minority from its territory, a senior UN official has told the BBC.

Armed forces have been killing Rohingya in Rakhine state, forcing many to flee to neighbouring Bangladesh, says John McKissick of the UN refugee agency.

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Time For Truth: (BBC News) – Myanmar wants ethnic cleansing of Rohingya - UN official

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The United States, the world’s big bully, should be isolated by its allies, otherwise it will lure the globe into a large-scale confrontation, deems an investigative historian.

Ekaterina Blinova — The United States, the world’s biggest bully, which installed an outright Nazi regime in Kiev and supported ethnic cleansing in eastern Ukraine, should be abandoned by its allies, otherwise it will lure the globe into a large-scale conflict, warned Eric Zuesse.

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His face riven with lines forged by years on the streets, Gil reaches into the top pocket of his shirt and fishes out a wedge of grimy papers. These are the precious records of his life, documents the rest of us keep in a filing cabinet at home. Eventually he finds what he is looking for, a yellow slip that looks like a parking ticket.

That, as it happens, is about right, although Gil is not a man of many possessions and certainly not a car. He does, however, have size 13 shoes. In his hands is a police citation written a few weeks ago when an officer found him sitting on the kerb with his feet touching the road. “Feet in Roadway Disturbing Traffic,” it reads.

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