German Chancellor Angela Merkel told her party Sunday she will seek re-election next year, a move likely to be welcomed in many capitals as a sign of stability following poll triumphs for Brexit and Donald Trump.

After months of feverish speculation, Merkel announced at a meeting with other leaders of her conservative Christian Democrats (CDU) that she would run for a fourth term, a decision they met with thunderous applause, party sources told AFP.

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Time For Truth: (Yahoo News) – Merkel tells party ready to seek fourth term as chancellor

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Leading allies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned on Thursday that populists would pose a problem for Europe unless mainstream politicians came up with answers after Donald Trump’s victory in the U.S. presidential election.

Trump’s win has encouraged right-wing parties in Austria, France and the Netherlands, among others. A Politbarometer poll for broadcaster ZDF showed 82 percent of Germans viewed it as bad or very bad, and 65 percent expected relations with the United States to deteriorate under Trump’s presidency.

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Time For Truth: (Reuters) – Merkel allies warn of Trump effect, poll shows Germans dismayed

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Hundreds of far-right protesters have marched through Berlin calling for Chancellor Angela Merkel to be removed from office.

Police accompanied the protest through the German capital’s former Jewish district, at one point forcibly removing a blockade staged by far-left counter-demonstrators.

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Time For Truth: (Fox News) – Far-right protesters march in Berlin, demand that Merkel go

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel said policy makers need to counter populist “lies” spread on social media and that voters who support the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany don’t reflect majority opinion.

“Right now it’s hard to reach some people with reasoning and still we have to keep trying again and again,” Merkel said in an interview with Berlin-based RBB Inforadio broadcast Thursday. “I believe that we shouldn’t give up on people who are now casting a protest vote, but rather keep courting them with our policies.”

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Time For Truth: (Bloomberg) – Merkel Takes Aim at Populist ‘Lies’ Spread Through Social Media

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