In an effort to contain the increasing scarcity of food and medicine, the government of Venezuela is moving forward with an initiative launched a couple of months ago that many at first took as a joke: the Great Mission of Sovereign Supply, headed by Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino.

Over the weekend, Gen. Padrino announced the appointment of 18 military generals and admirals to oversee the production, distribution and commercialization of 18 categories of food and items considered basic staples for Venezuela’s economy.

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Time For Truth: (Fox News) – A potato general? Starved Venezuela appoints 18 czars to handle food distribution

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The hamburgers and cheese that come from U.S. cattle may be favorite fare at many summer cookouts, but the methane the same cows produce is significantly less appetizing.

That’s especially the case for sustainable investors looking for a low-emission place to park their cash. “Enteric fermentation,” or livestock’s digestive process, accounts for 22 percent of all U.S. methane emissions, and the manure they produce makes up 8 percent more, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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Time For Truth: (Bloomberg) – Could Less Gassy Livestock Be a Cash Cow?

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We tax cigarettes and alcohol, in part to discourage their consumption, so why not tax meat? After all, bacon gives you cancer, cows cause climate change, and eating less meat could save us trillions of dollars. That’s why the Danish Council of Ethics recommends taxing beef.

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Americans’ love affair with beef is fizzling.

In the U.S., a country known for drive-thru burger joints and over-sized steaks, demand for the meat on a per-person basis is slumping to the lowest in more than four decades. With consumers bracing themselves for another slow patch in the economy, shoppers are increasingly choosing cheaper pork and chicken as alternatives.

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A cow that appears to have two faces looks set for the slaughterhouse after being sold at an auction in Australia.

The deformed bullock attracted a lot of attention at an auction in Mareeba, North Queensland, where it was reportedly sold to an abattoir.

Named Two Face, the 440kg double-headed bullock was sold for $537AUD (£270) this week.

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