Child refugees sent from the demolished Calais “jungle” to supposedly safe welcome centres across France claim they have been pressed into forced labour.

Legal interviews with unaccompanied minors dispersed from the refugee camp to France’s official reception centres have uncovered allegations that children have been forced into unpaid work and ordered on to farms to pick apples for French supermarkets. Youngsters said they were too scared to refuse the work because they feared it would harm their chances of claiming asylum to the UK.

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Time For Truth: (The Guardian) – Child refugees forced to work for nothing after leaving Calais

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The French government is “definitely” going to close the UK border post in Calais after Brexit, a close ally of presidential election frontrunner Alain Juppe has told the BBC.

Arnaud Danjean said France no longer wanted the “negative burden” of migrants aiming to cross the Channel being detained on its soil.

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Time For Truth: (BBC News) – France 'will definitely close UK border at Calais'

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Demolition workers supported by riot police today began smashing up an illegal camp full of UK-bound migrants in Paris.

There were scuffles as mainly Afghans and Eritreans tried to save their possessions during the raid, which started soon after 8am.

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Time For Truth: (Daily Mail) – Migrant Battles On The Streets Of Paris: Riot Police Clash With Afghans And Eritreans Following Calais Jungle Closure

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At least 80 migrants including children have spent the night in shelters that remain in the now otherwise deserted Calais “Jungle” camp.
France and the UK have traded accusations about the children’s treatment.

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Time For Truth: (BBC News) – Calais 'Jungle' stragglers and minors spend another night at camp

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Workers ramped up demolition of France’s notorious Calais “Jungle” on Wednesday after fierce blazes cut through a swathe of the camp overnight, sending migrants fleeing for safety.

Wearing hardhats and orange overalls in the morning fog, a team of around 15 workers resumed tearing down tents and makeshift shelters at the camp that has become a symbol of Europe’s migrant crisis.

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Time For Truth: (Yahoo News) – 'Jungle' migrant camp smoulders as demolition ramps up

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