Australia’s parliament late Monday rejected the government’s proposal for a national vote on whether to legalise same-sex marriage.

The upper house Senate voted 33-29 against the coalition government’s bid to hold a plebiscite on the issue.

Attorney-General George Brandis introduced the bill into the Senate, where the government does not hold an outright majority, despite expectation the opposition Labor and Greens parties would scupper it.

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Time For Truth: (Daily Mail) – Australia Rejects Same-Sex Marriage Bill: Would Allow National Vote On Whether To Legalise Gay Weddings

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The first cross-border transaction between banks using multiple blockchain applications has taken place, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Wells Fargo & Co said on Monday, resulting in a shipment of cotton to China from the United States.

Australian cotton trader Brighann Cotton Marketing bought the shipment bound for the port city Qingdao from U.S. division Brighann Cotton in Texas, the companies and their banks said in a joint statement. The blockchain trade, for 88 bales, totaled $35,000, Commonwealth Bank told Reuters.

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Time For Truth: (Reuters) – Major banks mark first-ever international trade using blockchain tech

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Those who have been tracking the life of Aidin—the Thai baby buried alive–will be happy to know that timely help and medical attention nursed this newborn back to life. He lived in an orphanage for some time. Now, a Swedish couple has adopted Aidin and he is set to join them in a bid to start a brand new chapter in his life.

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British, Danish and Australian warplanes took part in the U.S.-led coalition’s airstrike Saturday that reportedly killed more than 60 Syrian government troops and threatened to unravel the “cessation of hostilities,” military officials said Monday.

The Syrian army and a key rebel leader declared that the cease-fire had collapsed and blamed each other for violations, but U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said he was working for a possible extension of the seven-day-old cessation period that ended Monday.

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A 19-year old man has been jailed for 10 years in Melbourne, Australia for plotting to run over and then behead a police officer.

Sevdet Ramadan Besim wanted to carry out the attack at an Anzac Day event in April.

He pleaded guilty in the Victorian Supreme Court to one count of plotting a terrorist act.

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Time For Truth: (BBC News) – Australia Anzac Day terror plot teenager jailed

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