A new variant of Android malware is responsible for what’s believed to be the biggest single theft of Google accounts on record. The so-called Gooligan strain has infected as many as 1.3 million Android phones since August, completely prising the devices open and stealing the tokens users are given to verify they are authorized to access accounts. Its main aim, though, is not to pilfer all that juicy data in Gmail or Docs, but to force users into downloading apps as part of a huge advertising fraud scheme, making as much as $320,000 a month.

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Time For Truth: (Forbes) – Android 'Gooligan' Hackers Just Scored The Biggest Ever Theft Of Google Accounts

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Here are Google’s Pixel phones. Again! In some unfortunate error, UK phone seller Carphone Warehouse has full listings for two phones, cementing what we’ve already heard or seen, as well as demonstrating how Google hopes to pitch the two devices to smartphone shoppers.

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Time For Truth: (Engadget) – UK retailer leaks Google's Pixel phones in detail

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Law authorities have warned they believe criminals are using Android phones to trigger fraudulent tap-and-go payments.

The alert comes in Europol’s annual Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment report.

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Time For Truth: (BBC News) – Europol warns of Android tap-and-go thefts

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Facebook has added what it’s calling “experimental support” for Android users to privately browse the world’s largest social network through the anonymity service Tor, the company said on Tuesday.

Governments may be gnashing their teeth over encryption – we’re looking at you, New York, UK and China – but over the summer, one intern was crunching away at the code necessary to bring Facebook users the increasingly popular ability to connect securely and privately.

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