Russia is deploying short-range ballistic missiles to its western European enclave, it emerged yesterday as President Putin threatened “counter-measures” against Nato expansion.

A senior Russian MP said that Moscow would permanently station the nuclear-capable missiles in Kaliningrad, a region between the Nato states of Poland and Lithuania, in retaliation for a military build-up by the alliance in eastern Europe.

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Time For Truth: (The Times) – Putin moves his missiles in new threat to Europe

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The decision to increase the budget of the European Defence Agency (EDA) to 31 million euro was made by the Council of the European Union, according to a source.

The Council of the European Union decided on Wednesday to increase the budget of the European Defence Agency (EDA) from 30.5 million euro ($32.7 million) to 31 million euro, a source said.

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Russia’s defence ministry says two of its navy destroyers forced away a Dutch submarine to stop it spying on an aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean.

The sub was 20km (12 miles) from the Admiral Kuznetsov at the time of the incident, the military said.

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Time For Truth: (BBC News) – Russia ships 'chase away' Dutch submarine in Mediterranean

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Virginia has printed 1 million provisional ballots, an unprecedented number that could allow a large number of previously disqualified felons to cast ballots for president in the potentially crucial swing state.

So says Reagan George, the president of the Virginia Voters Alliance.

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