An online advertisement may have led to some of the violence from anti-Trump protests in Indianapolis Saturday night. The protests were supposed to send a peaceful message against last week’s election, but turned to chaos around 8 p.m. when chants turned from “love trumps hate” to “kill the police.”

“We were just trying to keep our people safe and peaceful,” said rally organizer Kim Saylor.

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YouTubers were paid up to $30,000 (£20,000) to endorse the Xbox One as part of a “deceptive” ad campaign, said the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

The cash was funnelled to them through the Machinima online entertainment network, it said.

Machinima should have let viewers know the YouTubers were being paid to push the console, it added.

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In a surprise move, Metro’s board of directors decided Thursday to follow NYC’s lead, and ban issue-oriented ads from the system’s subway and buses — at least thru the end of the year.

The sudden advocacy-ad ban comes as an anti-Muslim group planned to put a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad in transit system ads.

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