Claudia Flores and her husband were months past due on $60 phone and $80 electricity bills.

So they packed their minivans with strollers, car seats, used T-shirts and assorted other things and drove to a stretch of Figueroa Street just blocks from Imperial Highway in South Los Angeles.

There, they spread their wares on the sidewalk and opened for business.

This part of Figueroa Street has become a shopping bazaar of last resort for people living on the margins.

Each weekend, dozens come in battered pickups, vans and old compact cars filled with possessions hoping to raise money to pay down bills or supplement their low-wage jobs. A street away from the Floreses, a man sold a couch, dressers and shirts. Another sold jeans in front of a laundromat. A group of women sold dresses, blouses, baby toys and power tools.

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Time For Truth: (LA Times) – Street vendors on Figueroa Street: An entrepreneurial spirit rises from the depths of poverty

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