Anti-poaching rangers in South Africa’s national parks are struggling to tackle the rising number of rhino killings.

Footage filmed in Kruger National Park shows the full extent to the growing problem, which has seen baby rhinos left without mothers and rangers shot at by poachers who hunt the animals for their horns

Teams of rangers work tirelessly to protect the rhinos from being killed by the poachers and care for those which have been injured.
Ranger Andrew Desmet, who was shot in the back by poachers, said: “We’ve been fighting this war for a long time now.
“I think a lot of people don’t realise how much time and effort and stress and long hours and sitting in cold and wind and rain and everything we do to try and protect these animals.”
Watch the video to see rangers track down poachers and baby rhinos cared for in a rhino orphanage.

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